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Danny McBride: Dem Dare

DannyThe Democrats have come and gone from Boston and the CONVENTIONAL wisdom is that they did really well making a pretty positive impression on the country.  The speeches were mostly better than average and the TV coverage made it look like everyone was having a great time.  Well, everyone except for the balloon wranglers.

Yes I know “Help is on the Way” or “Hope is on the Way” and like phrases could have been said one or two times fewer, but who cares?  They came out swinging with both barrels blazing, or whatever the correct metaphor is, and they challenged the GOP (Greedy Old Pissheads) to do as well when they hit the boards in a couple of weeks.

Yes, a match-up of Kerry’s old Navy buddies testifying how John saved their lives with quick decisive action under pressure is going to be a hard act to follow.  “John pulled me into the boat upside down.  If it had not been for John Kerry, I would be dead” testified Jim Rasmussen from Kerry’s old Swift Boat crew.  A dozen men ringed the podium to hail their skipper these thirty-five years later.  They needed him.  Now he needs them.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the Fleet Center when Max Cleland rolled his wheelchair to the microphone to introduce Senator Kerry.  He had been a Senator from Georgia until Karl “The Pig” Rove drove him from office with phony ads in the 2002 election.  Imagine a TV campaign comparing the triple-amputee War Hero to Saddam and Osama but that’s what the Republicans did.  Calling them liars would be too good for them.

So how do you follow Senator Cleland and the Swift Boat crew?  Maybe it will it be W’s old drinking buddies from the fraternity at Yale?  “We were in big trouble and George knocked the keg open with his head.”  Help is on the way- -a corkscrew.  Or…terrorists!

On the Sunday after the convention, Tom Ridge, our Director of Der Faderland Security, spoke solemn words.  Terrorists were about to make simultaneous withdrawals from ATMs all over Manhattan and Northern New Jersey. Was this all timed to drive down the news media’s enthusiasm for Kerry?  Change the front page?  It turns out that the information which drove the color code to Clockwork Orange was FOUR years old.  They thought about closing the financial markets but at the same time went ahead with the reopening of the Statue of Liberty.  Now think for a minute like a terrorist.  Could you find the Prudential building in Northern New Jersey?  Would it mean anything to you if it were an actual target?  Oh I don’t mean any harm to the workers, but think about the symbolism of slamming a building that houses your overblown insurance premiums or the slow-to-pay claims department, or the part of the financial industry that overcharges you on your credit card fees.  Now think about that Statute of Lady Liberty?  Isn’t that more of a symbol than just about ANYTHING in the country?  “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, your racially profiled acceptable non-Arab immigrants, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore…” Or whatever it says.  You’re a terrorist.  Which symbol of America would you go for?

Back in July, we now know, Pakistani secret agents were asked by the administration to try to nail a major terrorist, anyone with a high enough profile.  They also asked that it coincide with the Democratic convention, obviously to upstage the convention on front pages across America- -Sheesh.  And politics are not involved.  “We’ve turned that corner.”  Bush has said that so many times recently that he could meet himself on the way back.  That phrase is most likely in his head because right now he feels cornered.

Ron Reagan spoke at the convention and was brilliant.  He has his Mother’s eyes and his Father’s ability to communicate.  He told Jay Leno afterwards that it was only the second speech he’d ever given and that he would never go into politics.  He said he has never been a member of either party and is happy doing commentary and analysis on MSNBC.  I wonder how long until somebody gets to him and talks him into running for something?

VP candidate John Edwards can look forward to being contrasted with the Evil Dick Cheney.  Actually the Republicans are planning a substitute.  During the convention Cheney will be in a secure location near a deli and he will be played by Don Rickles.

So our information now is that al Qaeda is interested in blowing up financial institutions rather than American landmarks.  But that only terrorizes bankers and most people don’t care about banks.  Banks have made dealing with them such an unpleasant experience by doing away with tellers and forcing you to hang on hold and push # for more options, that nobody cares what happens to them.  I’ll bet the terrorists know this already.

What we care about is The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Disneyland, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, Graceland, Arlington National Cemetery and a whole host of other truly American landmarks.  If I were trying to think like a terrorist, I wouldn’t be scaring very many people if I concentrated on The World Bank or the IMF building.  Heck no.  I’d go right for Branson, Missouri.  I’d get even with Wayne Newton.  I’d freak the daylights out of The Oak Ridge Boys.  I’d make Yakov Smirnoff wish he’d never left home.  This is where America is.  You want to terrorize the American people?  Blow up a Denny’s.  Blast open an IHOP.  Hit every McDonald’s you can.  Demolish a Wal-Mart.

Al Qaeda is an international force to be taken seriously and destroyed.  But playing games with coloring charts and making speeches equivalent to shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire is going to make us all as jaded as the townspeople who did not respond to the boy who cried wolf or, in our case, Wolfowitz.  Or maybe Wolf Blitzer.

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Or not.  I’m going to go work on foreign policy at the International House of Pancakes.

Gary Wasson: An Unacceptable Alternative

I do not believe Americans possess the same mental aptitude as sheep, following their leader over a crevice and falling to their death in the abyss below.  Nor do I believe in blindly following the policies fostered by presidents and administrations.  This applies to George Bush.

The proposed immigration reform with an amnesty clause is wrong.  We need more control over our borders that may necessitate the use of military forces.  I do not agree with the “political correctness” we are using to develop relations with Mexico and Canada.  And I definitely do not agree with the current Republican controlled Senate bowing down to minority demands on judicial nominations and failing to pass the Energy Bill that has been setting in Congress for three years.  The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a disaster and should be repealed by the Bush administration.  NAFTA has resulted in lost American jobs and a fivefold increase in trade deficit.  But even with these issues, and there are several more faults I won’t mention, the alternative – a John Kerry administration – is totally unacceptable.

According to Mr. Kerry the American economy is in the toilet.  It is so bad that he will stand in front of the American people blaming the Bush tax cuts, vowing to repeal them when elected and blatantly declaring he will raise taxes.  In case you don’t understand what I just said – this repeal relates to a tax increase plus an additional income tax increase.  It doesn’t matter that all economic indicators are on the rise.  Construction, private and commercial, across America is increasing.  Jobs are appearing at a steady rate.  Individuals and families receiving unemployment benefits are dropping.  But according to the Democratic Party and John Kerry the American economy is worse now and will require a major tax increase to recover.  That’s a lie!

If you listen to Mr. Kerry’s rhetoric spread through a biased news media the average American would believe people are dying in the streets from inadequate health care.   Europeans are fed the distortion that health insurance in America is non-existent and not provided by employers or supported by any government programs.  The truth is Americans do have health insurance.  But Mr. Kerry wants you to believe another lie.  As he proposes “health care for every single American” he neglects to mention Medicare, Veterans Benefits and Social Security already funded by taxpayers.  And they want you to pay more.  The Democratic health care plan proposed by Mr. Kerry will cost American taxpayers an additional $895 billion over the next decade.  And this money goes to support another government program.

John Kerry vows to continue the war against terrorism.  The problem with this vow is when his record is placed under the microscope it contradicts the statement.  Kerry has voted against anti-satellite weapons, the Trident submarine, the Abrams tank, the B-1 and B-2 bombers and multiple other programs that have proven essential to our national defense.  John Kerry demonstrated his support for our men and women in uniform by his voting as a Senator in Congress.  Describing Kerry as “weak on defense” is an understatement regardless how much the Liberal Democratic machine denies it.  Individuals that deny this Kerry trait ignore history.

  • In 1991 Kerry voted to cut defense by 2% and shift $3 billion from defense funds to social programs.
  • In 1992 Kerry voted to cut $6 billion from defense.
  • In 1996 Kerry introduced a bill to cut defense spending by $6.5 billion and freeze defense spending for seven years.

But John Kerry is a Vietnam War veteran!  John Kerry served his country on the battlefield!  Yes, he did, as did so many other men and women during that period.  What is being neglected from this report is a fact hidden by the mainstream press – he was in Vietnam for only FOUR MONTHS!  And it wasn’t glorious service.  Men who served with him have boldly stated that he is NOT fit to be Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.  They speak about his “turncoat performance” and the false war crime charges he made coming back from Vietnam.  Men present at enemy engagements described by John Kerry have called his descriptions “lies and exaggerations”.  Officers questioned Kerry’s infamous “war wounds”.  Some indicate they were minor scratches or possibly self-inflicted.  Some, serving alongside John Kerry on Swift Boats, describe his actions as indecisive that put boats and crews in jeopardy.  I personally believe that John Kerry’s Vietnam service was an act planned and orchestrated as a stepping stone toward a presidential campaign.  He certainly didn’t stick around the rice paddies very long!

I will be the first to state that the Bush administration isn’t perfect.  George isn’t giving me everything I want.  However, neither has any other administration.  Every president has had his faults – some more than others with some deserving prison sentences for their actions.  But this administration, regardless of the imperfections and faults, has moral clarity and believes in the sovereignty of the United States.

George Bush doesn’t believe the fate of America should be turned over to a group of genocidal nations that fail to enforce their own resolutions.  John Kerry does.  The leaders within the Bush administration do not believe sane countries can negotiate with terrorist nations.  John Kerry does.  Our focus now – at this point in history – must be on the war on terrorism.  The only acceptable individual to fight that war is George Bush.  A Socialist National Health Care Program will not benefit the dead laying in the streets of Boston – the product of suicide bombers or dirty bomb technology.

J. Thomas Lowry: Still My Beating Heart – Thoughts on Issues

George Bush owes his advisors a swift throttling, or a posting to Namibia.  The use of his daughters in the campaign is at best a poor decision.  A number of conservatives from the right and some from the center (those who are social conservatives) feel that exposing the twins so soon after the situations they have been involved in will alienate further those who believe Mr. Bush is dubious. Wake up Karl.

The outcry over the California Governor calling democratic lawmakers “girlie-men” is ridiculous.  Apparently, democrats, who enjoy mocking the former actor, dislike being on the receiving end.
Former Clinton aide Sandy (Satchel) Berger is in the Washington spotlight after revealing he “lost” some documents.  This serious breach of security will fire up those who believe that UFO abductions, TWA flight 800, and JFK are vast conspiracies.  In reality, Berger will get away with it, whereas if this were a midlevel government official, the punishment would be swift.

The French, who last week surrendered en masse to a group of Bird Watchers, mistaking them for German soldiers, this week spat on cycling legend Lance Armstrong.  Armstrong, who apparently wins these events on a yearly basis, is set to break the record for most wins. The French, who this week are surrendering to Rhode Island, suffer from a severe case of idiocy.

The past two weeks in the senate were a catastrophe.  Bill Frist is not the majority leader the Republicans need.  His leadership is in question among many loyalists, as well as commentators, including Bob Novak.
Mike Pence of Indiana is calling on the Republican Party to put a conservative speaker on the dais for the convention.  If not, expect many conservatives to come out against the President after the convention.

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